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We know most individuals and businesses want to play their part to prevent climate change, but the majority don’t know where to start. Provide your customers with a way to measure, manage, and reduce their carbon footprint with Cogo’s Personal and Business Carbon Manager products.


Personal Carbon Manager


Real time carbon footprint, anywhere, anytime

Pairing live banking data and Cogo’s Carbon Footprint model, your customers can track how much carbon is associated with their spending anywhere, anytime. Cogo shows how much they have saved from taking action, and how much they could continue to save, month on month, year on year.

Cogo's Personal Carbon Manager helps individuals track, measure and offset their impact on the climate.


Give your customers what they really want

Help your customers develop their carbon literacy by visualising how their purchases impact the climate and what actions they can take to reduce their impact for a more sustainable world.

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of people want to know more about the environmental impact of how they spend their money


support banks helping them to take action and reduce their environmental impact.

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Business Carbon Manager


Real time carbon footprint

Cogo’s spend-based approach to calculating a carbon footprint makes reporting and analysis easy for businesses to see how their spending directly impacts their carbon impact. Cogo puts a focus on benchmarking, industry insights and hotspots.


Business Carbon Manager features

  • Live bank feeds enabling real-time carbon footprints linked to spend
  • Powerful transaction categorisation, and option to categorise manually
  • Transaction aggregation by time, vendor or category.
  • Business industry mapping, and climate actions for relevant markets
  • Access to the best economic models that track entire supply chains of industries to ensure all components are included
  • Carbon emission factors split into three Scopes in line with the Green House Gas protocol
  • Integrates with accounting softwares such as Xero


Give your business customers what they really want

Helping your customers tackle climate change makes business sense. Cogo surveyed Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the UK, AU and NZ to find out what they really want from their banks on their sustainability journey.

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of SMEs agreed employees care that the business behaves sustainably and reduces its impact on the climate


of SMEs agree becoming more climate friendly is a good marketing opportunity for my business
BIT/Cogo Research Report →


Case Study — Cogo x NatWest

Case Study:
Cogo x NatWest

We’re incredibly proud of our partnership with NatWest Group. Together, we have been able to give 8 million customers access to our carbon management product. Read our case study to find how we made this possible.

Discover how Cogo empowered 8 million NatWest customers to measure and reduce their carbon footprint

“Our use of Cogo’s expertise in carbon tracking in the NatWest app is a really important first step in making it easy for everyone to live and spend in a greener way – using the power of their money to influence change.

David Lindberg, CEO,

Retail Banking at NatWest

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We are privileged to be working with 7 of the world's leading banks, helping them with solutions to transition their customers to a low carbon economy.


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