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Credible carbon data and cutting-edge behavioural science are fundamental to achieving our goal

We work with leading experts in your market, and make the measurement of your carbon footprint quick, easy and robust.

Cogo uses behavioural science to motivate people and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Carbon data

Data is at the heart of what we do.

Cogo uses country-specific emissions data and carbon models to calculate your customers' carbon footprint in real-time.

Carbon Data
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We leverage ‘Environmentally Extended Input-Output’ (EEIO) models to give you and your customers the full picture of their carbon footprint. EEIO models analyse the emissions intensity of each part of the economy in a way that not only covers each industry’s direct emissions but also incorporates upstream supply chain emissions.

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We deliver footprints that incorporate the embodied carbon of products and services.

Supported by the world's leading experts like Mike Berners-Lee and leading academics and institutions, such as Industrial Ecology Lab, Cogo prides itself on delivering the most granular level market emission factor data.


Behavioural science and climate action

Cogo has the ability to engage businesses and customers with impactful climate actions by applying behavioural science and best-practice ‘nudge’ theory across our products.

A Behaviour Scientist working with designers and researchers to create new concepts to drive our carbon footprint products.
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Our multidisciplinary team of designers, behavioural scientists, user researchers and data scientists work together to embed behavioural concepts at the core of our products to drive the adoption of climate action among customers and businesses.

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We conduct independent research and experiments combining behavioural science, environmental psychology and design thinking to build impactful products that empower banking customers on their climate action journey.

Data partners

National Institute for Environmental Studies

KGM & Associates

Small World Consulting

Motu Research

Industrial Ecology Lab

Behavioural science partners



Behavioural By Design


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