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Building carbon literacy by making footprint calculation easy

Cogo connects to your categorisation needs, whatever they are, enabling easy and fast spend-based carbon footprinting for your customers.

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Carbon data

Cogo’s Impact team leverages the power of Environmentally Extended Input-Output’ (EEIO) models to develop country-specific spend-based carbon emission factors datasets. By connecting this to the world of financial data, we enable rapid individual and business carbon footprinting at scale.


What is ‘spend-based’ carbon data?

We all have a part to play in helping to solve the climate crisis. Helping people and businesses to understand the carbon impact of their activities is the starting point for building our understanding and taking more and faster climate action. It is critical that carbon footprinting is made easier, and we believe that spend-based data is the solution.

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We map spend-based carbon data to financial data such as bank and credit card transactions, enabling near-instant tracking of footprints for your customers. Being based on transactions, these footprints represent the actual behaviour of customers - rather than best intentions. And by making it as simple as possible for footprints to be calculated, we free up your customers’ time for the next and most important step - taking climate action.

We leverage the best available EEIO model in each market we operate in, to give you and your customers the full picture of their carbon footprint. The strength of EEIO models is that they analyse the emissions intensity of each and every part of the economy in a way that not only covers each industry’s direct emissions but also incorporates upstream supply chain emissions. This enables Cogo to calculate footprints that incorporate the embodied carbon of different purchases.







Our Impact

/1 Measurement



Most people and businesses find it difficult to measure and understand their carbon footprint.


What we do

We work with third-party datasets and carbon experts, and map this data to spending categories in order to create trusted models that easily measure customer carbon footprints.

/2 Inaction



There are significant barriers faced by people and businesses wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.


What we do

We draw on behavioural science and experimentation to refine our approach of sustained positive customer engagement that supports behaviour change at scale.

/3 Scale



People and businesses do not have easy access to solutions which help them to measure and reduce their carbon footprint.


What we do

We work with businesses that have a large reach, to integrate our impact-oriented product features into the digital platforms used by their customers every day

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Our Expert Partners

We partner with internationally recognised experts in the carbon data and behavioural science spaces, who are as passionate about sustainability as we are.

Professor Mike Berners-Lee

"We are working collaboratively with the team at Cogo to continually improve the quality of the data, and see them as a global leader in transactional-based carbon footprint analysis”.

Founder and Director, Small World Consulting
Mike Berners-Lee

“Spend-based carbon footprinting has the potential to enable millions of individuals and businesses to move beyond measurement to action”

Brian Johnston, Head of Impact, Cogo