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Climate action informed by applied behavioural science research

Cogo’s multi-disciplinary research team uses cutting edge behavioural science theory and applies it to empower people and businesses to take action to reduce their impact on the climate.

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What is behavioural science?

Many of our daily activities are driven by habitual, unconscious behaviours, but they all contribute to our carbon footprint.

Applying behavioural science best practice to our products can increase the effectiveness and impact of people taking action.




Nudging users


carbon literacy


Setting realistic


Delivering a personal experience

Our 5 Guiding

/1 Increasing retention

Behaviour change takes time and consistent effort. We need to engage and retain our users throughout their sustainability journey.

/2 Improving carbon literacy

Low carbon literacy is the biggest cause of the intention-action gap. We focus on educating our users about their carbon footprint.

/3 Delivering a personal experience

We meet users where they are on their sustainability journeys, recognise their efforts and use data to create a bespoke experience.

/4 Setting realistic goals

Net-zero is not a realistic target for anyone. We focus on setting personal carbon budgets. So users feel inspired and challenged, not demotivated.

/5 Nudging users

We nudge our users about sustainable actions they could take. And we use incentives and rewards to motivate people.

Our expert partners

We partner with internationally recognised experts in the carbon data and behavioural science spaces, who are as passionate about sustainability as we are.

Vishal George

Chief Behavioural Scientist,
Behavioural by Design

"Behavioural science is a key leverage point to convert good intentions into climate actions."

Headshot of Vishal George, a chief behavioural scientist who helps customers take action on the CO2 of their transactions

David Halpern

Behavioural Insights Team

“At BIT, we enjoyed working with Cogo on researching cutting-edge behaviour change techniques for how banks can encourage their customers to reduce their environmental impact.”

Headshot of David Halpern, CEO of Behavioural Insight who researches new customer focused technical to reduce carbon footprint

"At Cogo, our solutions are built on multi-disciplinary approaches mixing behavioural science principles and data science to bring carbon literacy and climate action that works for the many, so that everyone can do their bit.”

Verena Wimmer, Head of Behavioural Science and Insight