Business Carbon Manager - Solutions for Small Businesses

Measure and manage your business' carbon emissions

Connect your Xero account to understand and reduce the impact your business has on the climate.

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Cogo Business Carbon Manager


Measure in minutes

Cogo connects to Xero to calculate carbon emissions for all of your suppliers. It only takes a few minutes to calculate a carbon footprint for your business.


Set a target

Join thousands of small businesses worldwide in setting ambitious targets to mitigate the impact of climate change.


Take action

Learn how your business activities contribute to your carbon footprint. Then use our sector specific action guides to make changes that are good for the planet and good for your bottom line.


Share your progress

Share your footprint, targets and actions to attract and retain like-minded customers.


For businesses

If you're using Xero to run your business then tracking your carbon footprint is only a click away. Cogo uses your finances as the basis for calculating your business' carbon footprint and helping you to take action to reduce it.


For accountants

It's time for accountants to join the carbon accounting wave. Use Cogo to expand your service offering:

- Calculate your clients' carbon footprints
- Prepare annual carbon footprint reports
- Incorporate sustainability into your advisory meetings


Who can use the app?


Australian businesses can access Cogo Business Carbon Manager through the Xero App Store.

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New Zealand

Kiwibank Business Banking customers in New Zealand can access the app through Kiwibank Business Banking.

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Somewhere else? Don't use Xero?

We're working on bringing Cogo to as many businesses as we can.

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Business Carbon Manager - Solutions for Small Businesses

How reducing carbon emissions can benefit your bottom line


Stay ahead of your competition

Taking climate action makes your business more attractive to customers, your employees, and investors.


Get in front of carbon regulation

Most of the businesses we surveyed believe that governments will require companies to show they’re taking action on climate change within the next few years.


Attract more talent

Particularly for the younger generation, working for an organisation that is taking climate action is increasingly important.


Meet and exceed customer demands

Consumers and other businesses are increasingly looking for and demanding products that demonstrate reduced environmental impact. Make sure you’re tapping into this growing demand.


Get better access to funding

Governments and banks increasingly provide incentives, like grants, loans and asset financing to support sustainability ambitions and benefit small businesses taking climate action.

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Learn more about building a climate friendly business

Improving your carbon footprint can directly benefit your bottom line. Learn more about the power of small steps to help create a fairer and more sustainable world.

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Xero's Rachel Powell Quote

"This is an opportunity for advisors to get ahead of the curve and help their customers of today that are interested in growing their businesses with sustainability at the foundation, and also be ready for the next generation of customers - Gen Alpha - who will demand a commitment to sustainability.”

Rachael Powell, Xero’s Chief Customer Officer