Empowering 8 million customers to measure and reduce their carbon footprint

The NatWest Group is a leading bank in the UK, serving over 19 million individuals and businesses. NatWest recognises its role in supporting the transition to a low-carbon society. The team has set ambitious targets to reduce its environmental impact, pledged £100bn of sustainable finance and has partnered with Cogo to empower its customers to take climate action.

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The challenge

Our research revealed that 62% of customers want their bank to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

"We know that many people in the UK want to reduce their impact on the climate, but to be able to change something in a meaningful way, they need to be able to measure it.” - David Lindberg, CEO, Retail Banking at NatWest.

As banks possess customers’ personal financial data, they are well-positioned to provide real-time carbon footprints based on people’s spending.

That’s why NatWest partnered with Cogo; to empower its 8 million retail customers to measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

David Lindberg said, “Our use of Cogo’s expertise in carbon tracking in the NatWest app is a really important first step in making it easy for everyone to live and spend in a greener way – using the power of their money to influence change.”

For NatWest, simply measuring their customers’ carbon footprints was not enough, they wanted to help their customers take measurable action to reduce their emissions. So we collaborated with their team to build a user experience within Natwest's banking app, focused on behaviour change to drive impact.


The Cogo solution

Cogo enabled NatWest to be the first bank in the world to build carbon tracking directly into its mobile banking experience.

Helping customers reduce carbon emissions

Cogo uses robust market-specific data to deliver individual transaction-based carbon footprints to NatWest users. As well as increasing customers' carbon literacy, Cogo’s Personal Carbon Manager employs behavioural science techniques, such as behavioural nudges, cues, feedback and rewards to engage customers and reduce emissions.

Providing accurate carbon tracking

Cogo uses market-specific carbon modelling to provide emissions factors mapped to NatWest’s categorisation. We enhanced NatWest’s existing taxonomy through the application of our carbon model, enabling the most accurate, credible and robust carbon tracking.

Delivering real-time carbon footprints

The standardised API enables Cogo to enrich transaction data in real-time with carbon footprints, carbon savings, personalised nudges and other data to create a relevant, personalised customer experience.

Supporting with product improvement

Cogo’s data-led research and product teams advised NatWest on how to make the most of the Personal Carbon Manager, with the main focus on driving a measurable reduction in carbon emissions. And Cogo continues to evolve its products and features, putting NatWest ahead of the competition in this space.

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Key results


Developed the world's first carbon tracker fully integrated into a banking app


Attracted over 300,000 users in the first 9 months (and this number keeps growing)


Shortlisted for several industry awards:

→ Global Open Finance Award 2021
→ UK Fintech Awards 2022
→ National Technology Awards 2022
→ FSTech Awards 2022
→ Paytech Awards


Cogo and NatWest featured in 73 articles in media publications with a combined reach of nearly 40 million

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Our Partners

We are privileged to be working with 7 of the world's leading banks, helping them with solutions to transition their customers to a low carbon economy.


“The newest addition to our personal banking apps came to life this week, with the launch of a carbon footprint tracking feature we’ve developed with Cogo. It will help empower our customers to understand their carbon impact in a straightforward and clear way, and make those small, positive changes to their lifestyle that, collectively, could have a real impact.”

Alison Rose
Former Group CEO


"Working with Cogo’s dedicated team, who share and understand our goals, we’re delivering insights to customers, working together to help create a brighter future."

Amanda Lee
Executive Manager, ESG

Commonwealth Bank

"One of the most important factors for a lot of Australians at the moment is making a difference on the carbon emissions front, and obviously we are motivated to respond to what our customers are telling us."

Angus Sullivan
Head of Retail Banking

OTP Bank

"Cogo’s cutting-edge technology and solution provide us with extremely valuable data and insights to help us in building a more sustainable future for all. Not only does it aid in helping to educate our colleagues and customers about their carbon footprint, but also in understanding and measuring our own carbon emissions and impact on the climate. We hope our collaboration with Cogo sets an example in the Central European market, bringing about the future of green banking.”

Gergő Szathmári
Head of Innovation Management CoE at OTP Lab


"By partnering with Cogo, TSB is providing millions of online customers with the tools necessary to make tangible, sustainable lifestyle choices based on their spending. Continuing to provide innovative, environmentally friendly solutions to our customers that equip them to make ethical choices is TSB's long-term vision."

John Lyons
Director of Operations & Partnerships


We have found the Cogo team professional, responsive and great to collaborate with. They offer a combination of passion for what they do and a high delivery standard. We see Cogo fulfilling a key part of our strategy to support our customers on their decarbonisation journey. This is business banking for better and we're proud to be Cogo's NZ lead banking partner.

Tom Williams
Head of Sustainable Finance
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