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May 2, 2022
Climate Tech
Make a difference

Happy Earth Day again…and again…and again!

Emma Kisby
In partnership with

Since 1970, Earth Day has brought us all together to reflect on the natural beauty of our planet and to ponder how we can be better stewards of the only home we have. Earth Day 2022 happened exactly one week ago today on 22 April - yet seven days on, those posts are now all comfortably buried - pushed underneath a tide of ‘other’ pressing issues and the latest popular posts.

It’s as if we take out and dust off a novelty a day - pinning it up like a birthday poster and serving some social media ‘cake’ before packing it all up again and forgetting about it until the 22nd next year. April 26th was national pretzel day; April 27th national gummi bear / national prime rib day (I’m not kidding!).  

By lumping Earth Day together with all of these, have we somehow signalled that celebrating the planet once a year - like a birthday - is OK?

In reality, time and ongoing affection is the currency of a relationship. Think about your significant other; your child; your friends and parents even…if you ignored them 364 days a year, but made a fuss of them on the 365th, would there be anything left of the connection? 

Can you remember what you chatted to those same people about 678 days ago? 67 days ago? Even 8 days ago? I didn’t think so - yet those conversations nourished the relationship, keeping it strong and improving it on an ongoing basis. You made an effort. You showed up. You did it often. 

We live with Earth, breathing her air and relying on her to consistently come through for us with life-sustaining cycles; seasons and ecosystems. 

Why, then, is our relationship with her any different? 

Cogo exists to remind people that Earth Day is every single day. While April 22 effectively reminds people to conscientiously make lifestyle changes that will help keep our relationship with Earth healthy; making those changes is an every single day (again and again and again) business.  

The beauty of relationships is that they’re responsive to a renewed investment of time, effort and love. If you’ve been guilty of ‘tokenism’ in the past when it comes to Earth Day - making up isn’t an impossible task. 

You can start today; and start where you are. 

Cogo has deep experience in guiding people to take sustainable action. We've been in the climate field as a company for over 10 years (and our founder Ben Gleisner for over 20) and have built a company off the back of the belief that what you and I do matters...a lot! 

So from us, to each of you: happy Earth Day again…and again…and again!


If you’d like our help on taking action, get in touch.