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Introducing Cogo's APIs

World-class sustainability data and cutting-edge behavioural science power the Cogo APIs. Transaction or Category API solutions seamlessly integrate Cogo smarts into the digital experiences you already provide your customers.

Transactional API

UK retail banking first

Cogo is powering NatWest with our transactional API. Allowing their customers to see the carbon emissions associated with their daily spending, directly in NatWest's mobile banking app.

Throughout the experience Cogo provides 'nudges' and tips on how they can make better choices that are driven by data and make a real difference in reducing their carbon footprint.

Natwest Interface with Cogo's grocery carbon footprint data and an action to reduce this footprint.

Empowering SMEs

Supporting SMEs in an industry first, NatWest has partnered with Cogo to pilot a carbon footprint tracker for Business Banking customers.

During the next phase of the pilot, powered by Cogo's API,  business users will be able to see their CO2 emissions based upon spending habits and help users understand the actions they can take to reduce the environmental impact of the business.

Natwest Logo
transactional API

Unique features

Drive impact

Seamless integration into existing services that customers are already using removes a significant barrier to change. This increases the likelihood of them taking the steps to change.

Automatic nudges

Your customers are recognised for the efforts they are taking to reduce their footprint and get personalised recommendations ('nudges') on the next steps they can take to reduce their footprint.

Securely stored data

We care about your customers and their security concerns. Cogo holds itself to the highest security standards to ensure that any customer data remains safe-stored in local data centres. 

Category API

Powering consumer change

The Cogo category solution allows UK fashion rental platform Hurr to show their customers the impact of a rented piece of clothing versus the carbon footprint of buying a new outfit.

Hurr mobile web app with Cogo's carbon data integrated

Leading the way in Australia

Commonwealth Bank has used Cogo’s category API solution to provide their customers with a monthly carbon footprint, tips on how to reduce it, and an easy way to offset via a partnership with GreenCollar.

Commonwealth bank app with Cogo's carbon data and offset option

"Showing our customers their positive climate impact harmoniously bolsters the founding principles of peer-to-peer fashion renting while promoting circular consumption models in the fashion industry and beyond."

Victoria Prew

"One of the most important factors for a lot of Australians at the moment is making a difference on the carbon emissions front, and obviously we are motivated to respond to what our customers are telling us."

Angus Sullivan
Head of Retail Banking

"Experian is committed to building a sustainable future. One way of doing this is reducing our collective environmental footprint. The work we’re doing with Cogo helps provide carbon emissions data to Australian consumers quickly and easily to help them make lower carbon choices."

David Washbrook
Co-Founder and General Manager
Category API

Unique features

Quick to implement

There is minimal development needed to apply Cogo’s carbon footprint framework to your customer information framework.

Carbon measurement

We work with leading carbon experts within each of our markets, including Mike Berners-Lee in the UK, to ensure the carbon footprints are accurate, market-specific and robust.

Existing structure

Cogo maps our data to your categories allowing for easy integration and streamlining of the process.

Channel partners

We work with channel partners to simplify the process of integration into our customer's product experience. Banks that already have an existing partnership with information data services are able to quickly offer consumers the ability to track their carbon footprint, helping them reduce their impact on the planet.

Case Studies

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