How to use Cogo’s Business Carbon Manager

A step-by-step guide to measure your business’s carbon footprint 



To get started, head to the Xero App Store, search for Cogo, and get the app for free. 



In a matter of minutes, we automatically calculate the carbon emissions associated with your spending. 


Add data

You can add additional data about your energy usage to get a more accurate view of your operational emissions.


Understand your footprint

See your emissions in real-time, assess how you compare with other businesses, and identify carbon hotspots in our easy-to-understand dashboard. 


Set goals

Join thousands of small businesses worldwide in setting ambitious targets to combat climate change. 


Take action

Browse our tailored climate action library and create an action plan to reduce your environmental impact. 



Upgrade to our premium plan to unlock advanced reporting tools and public profile features. 


Share your progress

Once you’ve upgraded, you can download a carbon report containing a breakdown of your carbon footprint, commitments and actions taken to reduce your impact. Share it with your key stakeholders to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. 

"This is an opportunity for advisors to get ahead of the curve and help their customers of today that are interested in growing their businesses with sustainability at the foundation, and also be ready for the next generation of customers - Gen Alpha - who will demand a commitment to sustainability.”

Rachael Powell, Xero’s Chief Customer Officer