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Use low carbon materials

Climate action achieved

Why it matters

Why it matters

Embodied energy and embodied carbon means the energy and carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing of products and materials. This includes all the processes involved right back to growing and mining.By understanding the embodied energy and carbon of the materials you buy you may be able to choose lower carbon options that will reduce your footprint and enable you to offer lower carbon products to your customers.By understanding your footprint, you’ll also be able to provide your customers with data on the embodied energy and carbon of your products.


Did you know?

As products that use energy during their operational life become more efficient, and as our energy supplies are gradually decarbonised, the embodied carbon in products becomes more important. This is particularly true for a product like an electric car that has much lower operating emissions than an ICE car.

Measure and manage your business' carbon emissions with Cogo

Cogo helps small businesses measure their carbon footprint and take climate action that’s good for the planet and good for their bottom line.

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