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Switch your fleet to electric vehicles

Climate action achieved

Why it matters

Why it matters

EVs produce no harmful emissions when you drive which improves local air quality and reduces carbon emissions by about 60% over the lifetime of the EV compared to an equivalent petrol vehicle in New Zealand. The government have introduced a clean car discount to make low-emissions vehicles more affordable.


Did you know?

The total cost of ownership of an EV is typically much less than an ICE vehicle. ‘Fuel’ costs for an EV are equivalent to about 30c/litre of petrol. Maintenance costs are also substantially lower with fewer moving parts and no oil to change.EVs use about 1/3 as much energy per km compared to an ICE equivalent vehicle.

Measure and manage your business' carbon emissions with Cogo

Cogo helps small businesses measure their carbon footprint and take climate action that’s good for the planet and good for their bottom line.

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