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Provide low carbon options

Climate action achieved

Why it matters

Why it matters

Producing and distributing the food products you buy can form a significant part of your footprint, particularly if this is a large part of your spending.Producers and consumers are increasingly aware of this and looking for opportunities to choose lower-carbon options.


Did you know?

The agriculture sector is responsible for approximately 15% of Australia's total greenhouse gas emissions.

International shipping of fruits and vegetables accounts for 36% of food transport emissions - almost twice the emissions released during their production.A large portion of the emissions associated with meat production comes from methane generated by grazing ruminant animals (mostly cows and sheep). Swapping from an average diet to low or no red meat can reduce this footprint by a third to two-thirds respectively.

Measure and manage your business' carbon emissions with Cogo

Cogo helps small businesses measure their carbon footprint and take climate action that’s good for the planet and good for their bottom line.

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