"There will always be a lot to do;  but you need to start somewhere when it comes to climate impact. Cogo makes starting easy.”

We chatted to Olivia Doonan of Tūpari about the company’s Cogo journey…

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What is your business called and what does it do?

"Tūpari is a family business that creates award winning, artisan wines from the Awatere Valley, Marlborough New Zealand. Tūpari wines carry New Zealand Wine Growers sustainability accreditation meaning they are committed to sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices. They also boast a 0% chemical residue rating – bringing you the promise and taste of pure wine that is growing from a genuine care and friendship with our land."

Why did you start using Cogo?

"I’ve been wanting to measure our carbon emissions for ages; but carbon accounting is intimidating. Cogo made it seem easy!"


Favourite feature?

"Cogo is incredibly simple to use! I thought it would take me hours but it didn't."


What has Cogo done for your business?


"Helped us plan for a low carbon future"


"Helped us take ‘quantifiable’ steps for the climate based on data"

"It’s great to plan on reducing your impact, but when you don’t know the impact of these plans, it doesn’t mean much.  I love that Cogo gives me an array of options to improve my impact; and tells me how to take the next step as well as what the impact of this will be. It has helped us plan a low carbon pathway forward. "

What would you say to others considering using Cogo?

“Don’t be intimidated…it’s easier than you think!

Just do it! Don’t be intimidated; it’s easy and it’s low cost. Cogo removes all the barriers for anyone wanting to start measuring and improving their impact. "

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