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June 13, 2022
Digital Banking
Small-Medium Business Sustainability

What motivates small businesses to take climate action? And how can banks support their sustainability journey?

Lucy O'Connor
In partnership with

On an individual scale, small businesses have a relatively small carbon footprint. But collectively, these businesses have a significant impact on people and the planet.

To limit the effects of climate change, and to create a just future that leaves no one behind, it’s crucial that every business of every size has the tools they need to take climate action. 

But currently, two-thirds of small business owners feel like they don’t have the right skills or knowledge to tackle the climate crisis. 

We wanted to find out why, so we conducted a survey with 600 small business owners to discover what’s preventing them from taking climate action and what’s influencing them to be more sustainable. So ultimately, we can identify opportunities to support small businesses on their sustainability journey. 

To discover the results of our survey, download our report below: