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Cogo’s takeaways from Money20/20: What fills us with hope, what might change the world and what needs to change

Green banking





Lucy O'Connor

Green banking
Cogo’s takeaways from Money20/20: What fills us with hope, what might change the world and what needs to change





Lucy O'Connor

Money20/20 is the biggest conversation in fintech. It’s the event where executives, innovators and disruptors from across the world come together to shape the future of finance. This year, the Cogo team was part of the conversation. Read our blog to find out what we had to say and discover some of our key takeaways from the event.

The Cogo team attended the event in Amsterdam to spread our mission and speak to clients, partners and friends about our vision for a fairer and more sustainable world.

Hint: It involves carbon tracking...

Every purchase we make contributes to our carbon footprint. So, we believe using transaction data is the best way to help people and businesses measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. 

To achieve impact at scale, we need to work with banks and like-minded organisations. So we attended Money20/20 to convince the biggest players in the industry to integrate carbon tracking into their online banking experience and empower millions of customers to make more conscious decisions. 

Watch the video below to find out more about what we offer (this is the video we played at our stand at the event):

Hope for the future 

We had so many positive conversations with people who visited our stand; it filled us with hope for a greener future. 

We wanted to share some of our learnings and observations with you. So we sat down with the Cogo dream duo, Founder and Global CEO Ben Gleisner and EMEA CEO Emma Kisby, to find out what they thought about Money20/20 and what they predict the future of the industry will look like.

What was the most exciting topic being covered at Money20/20?

Ben: So many people commented on how refreshing it was to see sustainability brands attend the event. So, although I might be a tad biased, I think the carbon agenda was the most exciting topic. Our stand was busy from start to finish, showing what a hot topic carbon management and sustainability is in the finance industry right now.

What were some of the frequently asked questions at the stand?

Emma: Most people wanted to know how we calculate carbon footprints. The (short) answer, by the way, is that CoGo analyses banking data and matches every transaction to a specific industry (fashion, grocery, insurance etc.). It then multiplies each transaction by an ‘emissions factor’ for that industry to calculate the carbon footprint of that transaction.

Ben: Most of the banks we spoke to also asked whether Cogo could help their customers reduce their environmental impact. Most carbon trackers on the market help people measure their footprint, but few ignite behaviour change and offer solutions to help offset the impact like Cogo. 

Learn more about the Cogo solution.

Did you speak to anyone or see anything that you think could change the world?

Ben: We spoke to some brilliant companies in the sustainability space, like Patch and Lune, both API-based solutions that help companies embed carbon footprinting into digital products and experiences.  

It was exciting to meet so many companies who are also working hard to decarbonise the economy. We need everyone to take action—businesses, individuals and governments. That’s why we’re always looking to partner with companies, delivery partners and even competitors to deliver scale and impact.

Emma: We also saw some inspiring speakers and talks. I particularly enjoyed the fireside conversation between Erik Stadigh, Co-Founder and CEO at Lune, Monika Liikamaa, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Enfuce, Inas Nureldin, Co-Founder of Tomorrow and Katherine Brown, Vice-President, Inclusive Impact and Sustainability at Visa. They explored the disconnect between what companies say and do when it comes to taking climate action, and they explored solutions to help close that gap. It was also interesting to hear about Visa’s plans for helping their customers in the shift to a circular economy. 

What was your biggest highlight from the event?

Emma: Having the opportunity to speak to so many banks, partners and friends in person was brilliant, especially after the past two years of lockdowns and Covid. 

We also gave an interview to Financial IT on the first day, which was a great way to start the event:

Ben: For me, hanging out with the team after over two years was my highlight. The UK team has grown from 9 to over 30 people in the past couple of years, so it was great to meet and spend time with some of the new Cogoers. I was so impressed by everyone and the team at home who helped prepare for the event.

What are your predictions for the future of the industry?

Ben: Banks have the power and ability to affect significant change, not least when it comes to solving the climate crisis. We think that, very soon, banks will fully get behind the movement to achieve net-zero and prioritise sustainability throughout their operations. 

What filled you with hope? 

Emma: In previous years, there has been little/no focus on ESG or sustainability, so it was really exciting to see this conversation taking centre stage (literally). The industry is definitely moving in the right direction. 

Ben: Also, the sheer interest in our stand and carbon tracking filled us with hope for the future. People in the industry are genuinely interested in taking climate action and are actively searching for tools and solutions to help them make a difference.

Thanks Ben and Emma! 

We had a brilliant time at Money20/20 and are already plotting our return next year. Watch this space, it’s going to be even bigger and better! 

Get in touch today if you want to join some of the biggest banks paving the way for a greener future. 

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