“Cogo has given us the data we need to have brave conversations with our suppliers."

We chatted to Alexandra and Richard Barton of Herb + Olive cafe about their Cogo journey…

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What is your business called and what does it do?

"Herb + Olive Cafe is a wholefood cafe in Marlborough, New Zealand that serves delicious locally-sourced, zero-waste food seven days a week to devout locals and travellers. Ingredients are carefully sourced, including from the cafe’s carbon-neutral veggie garden."

Why did you start using Cogo?

"Carbon emissions have always been a key focus for our cafe and we were working through how to reduce these. Using Cogo made sense - it was a shortcut to accuracy!"


Favourite feature?

"The most useful feature has been a detailed breakdown around where our carbon emissions come from. We had assumed they would come from electricity and our vehicles, but it was an eye opener to discover that they come mostly from food supply (which makes sense, as we’re a cafe)."


What has Cogo done for your business?


"Given us a deeper understanding of our impact"


"Prompted us to have brave conversations with our suppliers"


"Helped us become a voice for change"

"This baseline understanding has helped us grasp the importance of working with responsible, like-minded suppliers and has prompted a lot of conversations around understanding our food sources. We’ve actively changed how we choose suppliers; and we have used Cogo’s data to become a voice for change in terms of what cafes expect and are looking for from suppliers. In the process, we’ve discovered some absolute gems like Kokako who roast coffee in a way that’s better for people and the planet. "

What would you say to others considering using Cogo?

"It's easier than you think! We wanted to pull together a complete view of our carbon emissions and thought it would take an entire day or two. Using Cogo, we started and finished the process within mere hours."

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