"Cogo has enabled us to start the journey towards accurately measuring our Scope 3 emissions."

We chatted to Kylie Matthews of Awwa Period Care about the company's Cogo journey...

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What is your business called and what does it do?

"Awwa period Care offers a modern alternative to traditional period products for people of all shapes, sizes, and identifiers to effectively manage their periods."

Why did you start using Cogo?

"We already measure our carbon emissions; but the challenging aspect of this is measuring our Scope 3 emissions. Getting carbon emissions information from suppliers is never straightforward. Our Scope 3 emissions include inward freight, fabric supply and dying mills and we don’t have the direct relationships needed to assess these emissions accurately. At the same time, putting our head in the sand wasn’t an option and Cogo offered us a pathway to start this measurement journey immediately. "


Favourite feature?

"Cogo is really simple in terms of categorising Scope 3 emissions. This was the ‘missing piece’ in our measurement and Cogo makes it easier."


What has Cogo done for your business?


"Provided deep Scope 3 data to use for benchmarking"


"Provided another source for ensuring the accuracy of our measurements"

"We’ve completed supplier categorisation; and now we have data that will enable us to sense-check the accuracy of our other benchmarking activities."

What would you say to others considering using Cogo?

“You have to start somewhere; and the sooner you do the better. Cogo makes starting easy!"

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