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Helping TSB customers understand & reduce their carbon footprint

Cogo & TSB have come together to provide you with the tools to track, reduce and offset your carbon footprint every time you spend.

Download the Cogo app now to start tracking your carbon footprint in real-time.

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How the Cogo app works:


the environmental and social issues you care about


the impact of your spend on people & planet by linking your bank accounts


businesses aligned with your values

Cogo app screen showing carbon offsetting function.
Carbon footprint graph month-month


your own personal carbon footprint, see how you're doing every month, and work on lowering it towards a target sustainable lifestyle goal. Finally, find out how much you need to offset to be a carbon zero hero!


your impact with help from Cogo! We make recommendations to you based on your actual spending, to help you take the next action that will make the biggest difference in reducing your carbon footprint.

Who we are:

Carbon Footprinting

Built by our team of world-leading carbon footprint specialists and data scientists, Cogo calculates your personalised carbon footprint in real-time, linked directly to your spending transactions and lifestyle choices.

Most importantly, the Cogo app makes it easy for you to take action and reduce your footprint to ensure longterm, lasting impact.

Accreditation for Good

Our app connects people and businesses with credible sustainability data that enables them to understand their impact, and start changing for the better.

We do the hard work for you - taking 120+ accreditations and put them into 12 badges so you can find businesses that match your values! Our badges respect people, our planet and animals, while aligning with United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Find out more about our 12 badges in the Cogo app.

Ethical Nudge Framework

Cogo's Ethical Nudge Framework is how we apply behavioural science to complex sustainability journeys.

We will help you to increase your understanding and improve your impact by taking specific actions to limit your impact on the climate!

Cogo empowers you to take action

We are on a mission to help millions of people reduce their impact on the planet

Powered by Open Banking, AI and Accreditation partner integration

Ready to reduce & compensate for your carbon footprint?

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Carbon Footprint FAQs

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I am only one person, can I really make that much of a difference?

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